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Editorial  — If You Want to Make the World Better

To dismiss EFFORT with an arrogant, self-pitying “oh, poor me, I feel so bad about the people killed, I am the only one affected by this, I get to lash out and call people idiots” is to wallow in self aggrandizement at the expense of doing the tedious job of actually changing the world for the better. It’s to accept that it’s okay that 20 little children were brutally murdered in their classroom.

Column   — Driving Jeffrey


Arts   —

William Blake (1757-1827) can be considered the first protest poet in his writing about social injustices existing in his time. The Chimney Sweeper chronicles the plight of boys whose families couldnt or wouldnt support them. London mentions chimney sweepers, but decries more the plight of abandoned girls whose horrid fate is prostitution.

Although we consider these to be sad social conditions existing only centuries ago, the article below these poems show that Blakes concerns need to be echoed today.

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If we cannot discuss rationally and respectfully the issues concerning our governance, this democracy will not last.

—M H Perry


There is no redemption in being one of the “good Nazis.”

Chris Ladd


Don’t look for validation and approbation from others for the work you do. Do the work you must do as required by the light that shines into you and from you and through you..

—M H Perry













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