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Welcome to the April issue of Word Worth Magazine!  This month we are delighted to feature the remarkable artwork of David Kiphuth.  Columnist Michael Cahill gives us a shrewd look at the way perceptions shape our reactions — and our editorial is a mirror to you!  What shapes the way you think about your world?  Take a moment, and tell us about it — and have a great month.



Word Worth’s mission is to publish Editorials and Columns on subjects as diverse as xeriscaping, travel, archaeology, and many others, and to present fine poetry, stories, novels, and photography in the Arts section.  The opinions presented are those of the individual writers, and not necessarily those of Word Worth.  We do not shy away from controversial subjects, but we believe in dealing with them respectfully and rationally.  In one of his relatively more recent concerts, Arlo Guthrie said that over the years he had made friends that he might not have expected to make initially.  He concluded that there are two kinds of people: those who care and those who don’t.  He came to realize that you can find both of those kinds on every side of every issue.  We concur with that sentiment, and hope to present ideas in the spirit of enlightened searching.

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  1. Thank you for the comment that you sent us by email after our first new issue:

    I like your new design!

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