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Fathers and Daughters

Oddly, it’s only recently been discovered that highly successful women have had close relationships with their fathers. Presumably that’s why the idea of Father-Daughter dances is taking hold. That misses the mark in so many serious ways that it’s alarming. The father is dressed in his best suit, the little girl in a frilly dress, and they go off on a date with the daughter replacing her mother. Girls also need to see their parents in a strong relationship, and this isn’t the way to accomplish it.

More significant is that when fathers have good relationships with their sons, they do things together: fix the sink, repair the fence, fish, practice baseball, paint the living room, put the birthday bike together….

When fathers and daughters have good relationships, they do things together. What fathers should be doing with their daughters is working at Habitat for Humanity, collecting toys for disadvantaged children, fixing toys for disadvantaged children, serving at a soup kitchen, helping at an animal shelter—doing something constructive! What they should not be doing is teaching little girls that a woman’s place in the world is dressing in frilly clothes and dating their fathers.

It isn’t, of course, inappropriate for fathers and daughters to dance together on many occasions such as at the daughter’s wedding or when the daughter is learning the art of dance. The father who owns a dance studio will dance with his daughter quite often, teaching her both the art of dance and the family business. But they’re not going off on a date!

In truth, the pictures we’ve seen of fathers and daughters going off to their date-dance are unfortunate.


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