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Protect the Second Amendment

We need to protect the Second Amendment because it is in danger. What puts gun ownership in jeopardy is not laws to keep people on no-fly lists from buying guns at gun shows; nor is it laws to keep the dangerously mentally ill from buying arms; nor is it laws to keep violent domestic criminals from buying guns; nor is it laws that would keep terrorists from entering our country to purchase weapons for violence. What will finally end our gun ownership is the proliferating mass murders of our citizens and of our citizens’ little children. Sooner or later, there will be a ground swell as a result of our inability to protect ourselves from warlike attacks within our own country, within our own peaceful neighborhoods.

The desire to own guns runs deep in this country, almost as though it was embedded in the DNA of those who stepped onto Plymouth Rock. But this is not 1620 nor is it 1776. Our Founders had seen how a foreign government (ostensibly at that time, their own government) could deny us the right to direct our own laws and to protect ourselves from coercion. We now, however, live in a post Hiroshima world. Our Founders could not have imagined the weaponry of today. No matter how large an arsenal a common citizen builds, a modern army can wipe it out with the blow of one smart bomb. We cannot allow the dangerously paranoid among us to build larger and larger armories to the point at which entire neighborhoods and towns are at risk.

Some years ago, I had students in my class who were Viet Nam Veterans. During their service, they had been on a recognizance for Viet Cong weapons and came across a cave of Viet Cong repository. All of the artillery was marked, “Made in the USA.” The Vets said that it had made them wonder who they were fighting.

We should all be wondering that.

It’s natural for companies to seek ever increasing markets. This keeps them viable. When the company produces weapons, however, there is likely to be a problem.

The Brady Campaign reports:

…What many people may not realize is that the violence that forced these [immigrant] families to flee in the first place is driven in considerable part by U.S. gun laws.
    Last year for instance, Mexico tallied a staggering 29,168 homicides, the country’s highest murder rate since statistical counting began. At the same time, Mexico has stringent requirements for purchasing a gun, and only one gun store in the entire country. What’s fueling all this bloodshed?:  U.S. guns, which are being smuggled over the Mexican border to the tune of more than 250,000 a year.

It is in every citizen’s interest to have sensible gun laws which limit the availability of guns to terrorists and criminals. The NRA could be an organization for so much good—preventing home grown and alien terrorists from getting guns through loop-holes; instead, they pander paranoia.

Mass murders with the use of guns are becoming a constant occurrence. Even those who love their guns more than they love their children will start to reverse their idea of safety.

The people of the great Roman Empire finally gave over their Republic to dictatorship when their lives were deemed insignificant to their corrupt elected representatives. The massacre of children and peaceful people will ultimately lead Americans to accept far more than sensible gun laws. It will result in the acceptance of what the gun propagandists have used all along to scare decent gun owners into opposing common sense: taking your guns away; revoking the second amendment.

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