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U.S. Political Parties: Lemmings Over a Cliff

While the idea that lemmings jump over a cliff in mass suicide is a misconception, the United States’ two major political parties’ self destruction is horribly real. Newt Gingrich, his gang, and his successors decided that “whatever he’s for, we’re against,” and opposed issues that have been Republican party prerogatives for decades. The Congressional Republicans taking this stance proved that they were in government for themselves alone, not for any national benefit or principle. The egregious lack of integrity is astounding. They euphemize their corruption by calling it “public service” when, actually, it’s unconscionable and extreme public exploitation.

Any government or governmental agent that would separate children from their parents, going so far as to separate a ten month old baby until he’s fifteen months old, is so depraved that they are unfit for public office.

They kowtow to the most fanatical among them, celebrating hatred, vitriol, and irrationality, debasing the country and any principles they claim to hold. Often, they do this in the name of religion while violating the tenets of the beliefs they pretend to hold, and certainly violating the principles of separation of church and state that are the foundation of our country for the very purpose of preventing the wars that plagued Europe for hundreds of years.

One blogger, who stated that he was agnostic, opined that he was dismayed that those opposed to the fanatical religious point of view make no attempt to understand it. The laws of the Constitution, he maintained, were Man’s laws while the Bible was God’s laws. That naïve suggestion takes no account of the many, many Biblical contradictions. Nor does it address the horrendous, sadistic murders committed for thousands of years by those who insist that they and they alone understand God’s will. It is not possible to “understand” those who insist upon their beliefs ruling all because such beliefs are not a matter of logic: they are a matter of faith—which is fine, but as our founders understood, allowing government to be controlled by varying faiths leads to inevitable war. Acceptance of any and all religions as good leads eventually to horrible atrocities such as those committed by Jim Jones at Jonestown and by the Taliban, and by Isis. As demonstrated again and again, religious sects present terrible dangers when they go unchecked.

Since the Republicans are charging over the cliff, it should be a golden time for Democrats to take the helm and bring in sensible policies. But no, the Democrats have decided that taking extremists views is the winning strategy. “No compromise,” we begin hearing from their strategists. Well, government IS compromise. That’s what it’s all about.

With 325+ million people in this country, many screaming irrationally, it’s nearly impossible to make a few rational words heard by our “Representatives.” During the 2016 campaign, a citizen mused that Hilary Clinton should announce that she was creating a position of “E-mail Czar” to determine how e-mail should be handled and to enforce the correct handling of it. Since high level people in both parties made serious e-mail mistakes, this would have taken care of the false statements accusing Clinton of being solely responsible for the e-mail debacle. No one in the campaign thought of that solution. Could an ordinary citizen communicate that solution to anyone? Of course not; there is no channel.

Suggest to Democratic senators that perhaps some sincere people have legitimate concerns about over immigration changing our core culture or the erosion of unity that a common language provides, and you see a steel door clang shut behind their eyes making you invisible to them. Suggest that there might just possibly, at the end of the day, in the fullness of time, in the final analysis, after all is said and done be some few things about American culture that are worth keeping and protecting, and they put you into a box labeled “Racist”—even though it has nothing to do with race.

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